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The SeaQuest comes with:

  • 2 Sensor SeaQuest

  • 3 Sensor SeaQuest

  • 4 Sensor SeaQuest

  • BOB Software

  • Tow Cable

    125 g/m (0.084 lb/ft) in air

    44 g/m (0.029 lb/ft) in water

  • Power Isolator

    286 g (0.63 lbs)

  • USB Cable

    72 g (0.16 lbs)

  • Power Supply *

    227 g (0.5 lbs)

    Battery Clip Cable *

    131 g (0.29 lbs)

    * Use either the power supply or battery clip cable. Only one is included.

  • 30m (98.4 ft) of Deck Leader Cable

    0.45 kg (3.97 lbs)

  • SeaQuest Shipping Case

    Empty Case: 45.8 kg (101 lbs)

    Shipping Weight: 115.8 kg (255.3 lbs)

  • Float System Shipping Case

    Empty Case: 27.7 kg (61 lbs)

    Shipping Weight: 50 kg (110.2 lbs)

SeaQuest Includes

  • 3D compass
  • Tilt sensor
  • Leak detector
  • Pressure sensor
  • Altimeter
  • Isolated inputs/outputs/RS232 no ground loops
  • Entirely non-magnetic construction. All aluminum and fiberglass
  • Depth ratings available 300m, 1000m, 3000m, 6000m

Additional Components

  • Tow Cable
  • Power Isolator
  • USB Cable
  • Battery Clip Cable or Power Supply
  • 30m (98.4 ft) of Deck Leader Cable)
  • BOB logging and GPS capability software for Windows
  • Two custom laminate shipping cases that hold all accessories listed above.


  • Deck Cable
  • Adjustable Float System
  • GPS Mast
Operating Zone NO RESTRICTIONS SeaQuest will perform exactly according to spec throughout the entire range
Absolute Accuracy 0.1nT
Sensor Sensitivity 0.01nT
Counter Sensitivity 0.001nT
Dead Zone NONE
Heading Error NONE
Sensor Distance from Another Sensor NO RESTRICTIONS, sensors can even touch
Sensor Distance from Electronics Module 0.25m (10 inches) to 30m (98 feet)
Power Consumption 2W standby +1W persensor + 2W per altimeter
Altimeter 0 - 100m range, 0.1m step
Heading 3-axis magnetoresistive compass, 0.1 degree step
Tilt Sensor 2-axis, 0.1 degree step
Pressure Sensor 300m range, 0.1m step (optional)

Side Scan

Integrations for SeaSPY2, SeaQuest and Explorer

AUV Towed Integration

Using high sensitivity Overhauser technology for unmatched accuracy, low noise and power, our products are ideal to integrate with AUVs.

ROV Integration

Info coming soon! In the meantime, contact us to learn about the ROV integration: +1 (619) 655-0179,