BOB Analysis Module (BAM)

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  1. 1. Eliminate Diurnal Variation

    Subtle and unpredictable daily changes in Earth’s magnetic field can obscure survey data or even render it unusable. Base Station Correction compensates for this effect. Read more about ‘Base Station Correction’ on the BOB product page.

  2. 2. Correct for Heading Bias

    Heading Bias Correction removes ‘corrugation’ between lines surveyed in opposite directions. The resulting distortion, usually caused by the magnetometer being too close to the boat, is visible throughout the map.

  3. 3. Eliminate Layback (Lag)

    Layback Correction eliminates alignment issues between adjacent survey lines (the jagged features highlighted with a circle). Before Layback Correction, the anomalies (indicated in the boxes) look like multiple targets. After adjusting for Layback, the anomalies present as single targets (see the next step).

  4. 4. Corrected Total Field Map Reveals Anomalies

    Corrections for systematic errors applied, anomalies are evident. It’s time to analyze them.

  5. 5. Transform to Analytic Signal Map

    Analytic Signal Transform eliminates distracting gradual changes caused by distant geologic sources and emphasizes near-surface targets. The transformation in data clarity is stark (and exciting).

  6. 6. Choose Targets to Analyze

    Click on anomalies to reveal basic analysis parameters and mark targets with the (cross-hair) icon.