4 Port Isolation Transceiver

Part# M-SS3005

We’ve overhauled the 3 port Transceiver to a 4-port transceiver. The now legacy 3 port transceiver and the evolved 4 port transceiver will continue to offer:

All Transceiver Basic Features

  • Provides the ‘topside’ interface to the Synapse, SeaSPY or SeaQuest magnetometer system.
  • Connects to a PC via a RS232 serial or USB port.
  • Provides regulated, isolated power to the magnetometer system.
  • Provides long-distance telemetry over the same power connections.
  • Drives up to 1000m of our standard twisted pair tow cable, or many thousands of meters of coaxial cable.

4 Port Transceiver Features

Time sync!

The transceiver contains an integrated GPS for accurate and automatic time synchronization of the magnetometer or gradiometer network, and a connector to optionally use an external NMEA GPS if available .


With a wide input power range of 9-28V, it can operate directly from a 12V or 24V vessel DC system, a car battery, or from our 24V AC power supply.

  1. Increased maximum telemetry data rate
  2. Extra power output to 25W
  3. Integrated GPS for automatic time sync and optional nav position (works if you need it, but doesn’t get in the way if you don’t want it).
  4. Fourth port for optional external GPS if available
  5. Support for Synapse arrays (previous version only supported SeaSPY and SQ)

Repeat: We’re no longer producing, developing or supporting the 3-port transceiver (final firmware version 2.00).

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