Sea Sentinel

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The Sea Sentinel comes with:

Sentinel Underwater Base Station System

Cylinder weight: 14 kgs (30 lbs)

  • BaseLINK Software for Windows

  • Interface Cable

    86 g (0.19 lbs)

  • Universal AC Input Battery Charger

    227 g (0.5 lbs)

  • Case

    Empty Case: 17.5 kg (38.5 lbs)

    Shipping Weight: 29 kg (63.9 lbs)

Sea Sentinel Includes

  • Electronics module
  • Overhauser sensor
  • Onboard memory


  • *Acoustic Release
  • *Float (Client supplied)
  • *Mooring (Client supplied)
Absolute Accuracy 0.2 nT
Sensitivity 0.015 nT (standard) 0.02 nT (optional)
Gradient Tolerance > 10,000 nT/m
Range 18,000 to 120,000 nT
External Trigger by RS-232
Temperature Drift NONE
Dead Zone NONE
Sampling Rates 1/Minute to 1Hz
Communications RS-232, 9600bps
Operating Parameters
Magnetometer Cylinder Weight 14kgs
Magnetometer Cylinder Size 113cm x 13cm dia
Docking Base Weight 5kg
Maximum Surface Incline Angle for Deployment on Tripod 40 degrees
Magnetometer Cylinder Depth Rating, with Brass Seal Installed 1000m
Operating Temperature -25C to +60C
Storage Temperature -60C to +70C
Communication Full duplex, 3-wire RS232. 9600bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
Storage Capacity one million readings
Battery Pack Gel cell 12V, 7Ah
Battery Charge Time 5 hours 80% charge. 10 hours full charge. Can charge while sampling